Opinauri is changing the way marketers and leaders develop relationships, gain insights and generate ideas. We develop web communities and market research panels that put you in touch with your most valuable assets: customers, clients
and employees.
Opinauri brings a new perspective & passion to market research, focusing on relationships, meaningful interaction and innovation. We are changing the way businesses listen. We will put you in touch with the people who matter:
your clients, customers and employees...
Proprietary web communities and private panels allow you to listen to those who matter most. Interaction may be initiated by you or by the members, with information flowing between members and in all directions, allowing you to engage, inquire, interact, converse and learn from those whose opinions are most crucial.
Opinauri recognizes that data is useless without interpretation and insight. Whether qualitative or quantitative, simple or multivariate, our market research teams will uncover the insights required to drive your business forward.
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