The Art of Building Communities, Relationships, and Ideas

What makes a business successful? Not just providing an innovative product or a dependable service. Real success comes from knowing and understanding people, their passions, positions, needs, feelings and behaviors. Opinauri is a new perspective on research, focusing on relationships, meaningful interaction and innovation. Opinauri puts your business in touch with the people who matter most: your clients, customers and employees…

Our passion is communication, and in the 21st Century, nothing has transformed the way people socialize, communicate and interact more radically than the Web. We'll help you establish a meaningful rapport with your customers, employees, or other constituents and opinion leaders, to tap into vital insight so you can integrate your qualified findings and your business strategy.

Our business is designing, developing and maintaining custom Web communities and providing the finest market research services. We're using the Web to change the way companies and individuals build long-term relationships. By creating an engaging online community, your company will gain more than impersonal data. You'll create personal, emotional connections to real people and get candid, meaningful feedback on products, services and unfulfilled needs.

Founded on an expert background of traditional market research, Opinauri is a full-service agency dedicated to satisfying all of our clients' business intelligence needs. Our approaches and strategies are grounded in traditional market research best practices, but are achieved through new, innovative and technologically advanced processes and methodologies.

Create a two-way dialogue with the people that drive your business. Harness the community-building possibilities the Web offers. Opinauri will provide the most current tools, technology and know-how for you to move ahead; we will be your license to satisfy your "need to know."

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