"Why build your own?" The simple answer is, you can't afford not to! The rate of change in the marketplace and consumer decision-making is moving faster than ever before. Your only way to keep ahead is to remain informed. The Opinauri method allows you to target the key movers and voices affecting your business and corral them into a strategically-defined community. Once you have your community established, you may talk to them and learn from them.

Even if you are familiar with popular Web community models like forums and social networking sites, you may still ask how they
can help your business. What's the difference between a community and traditional research? What makes this new model worth
the investment? Why can't I purchase sample from one of the public panels?

Candid Feedback
The advantage of a community is the environment. Communities create a place where members actively participate and comfortably speak their opinions frankly and candidly. Although public sample may zero in on answers to precise research questions, its formal and clinical nature may lack the personal touch that makes respondents connected to you and to your issues. In a community, members are able to interact with your business, one another, and in some cases, to build and personalize the community environment and their own interface. By creating personal connections to your business and other community members, you'll actively engage members beyond the capability of a static Q&A or focus group.

Rapid Timing
Imagine having rapid feedback from customers, clients and employees available around the clock. By creating a compelling and attractive environment where members can connect freely, you can engage with questions and activities or simply observe dialogue between members. When people are personally connected, they are more inclined to help one another; through their input and interaction, members will actually contribute to the research process.

Would you like to decide the rules of engagement -- who you survey or invite to a blog; how often members are contacted? Using the Opinauri Method you're in control. No longer will you rely on the claimed panel management process of the public panel managers. The result -- fresher, more engaged respondents, franker feedback, better information.

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