Going beyond the everyday
Internet sample

More than a sample source; more than a collection of names; more than a "List." Rather, a collection of people who you recruit, invite and select. A gathering of insightful people eager to engage for both their benefit and yours. These people have a vested interest in you, your company and your products, and you are keenly invested in this community of clients, customers, employees, experts, market movers and opinion leaders, etc. This community, or your communities, are strategically crafted and engineered to allow you to acquire the best and most meaningful information and learning. The Opinauri approach to reaching those that matter is what will provide you with your key "Competitive Advantages" in today's highly competitive marketplace.

This is NOT public sample and is not just another way to group the same people that are on all the public panels being used today by most research companies. These are the people you often have trouble reaching and engaging. These are the users of your products and services. They are the people who are making decisions about your products and business category, who are all too often too busy to answer a survey, or provide input. Their busy lives make them hard to reach and therefore, they're the "most valuable" for you to reach. Opinauri is making this communication possible by breaking out of the box of public panel research and into the realm of private panels and custom communities. You determine who gets to join, when and how often they will be contacted, and you control what they are exposed to and the pace and depth of the conversation. Your members willingly participate in activities that you control, so you can begin to scratch the surface and soon dig deep inside to the learning that really matters.

Panels and communities are similar in that both are invitation only, are a collection of people who matter to you most, and may range from a few hundred to a few thousand members. Communication within panels tends to be more one-way, from the member to the client via surveys and polls. Communities, on the other hand, are more dynamic, with a more interconnected relationship. Opinauri communities frequently use blogs and forums to allow members to communicate with each other, members with you, the client, and you with the members. Stop talking to the same old "soccer moms" and start engaging your key consumers and decision-makers..

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