Practical Approaches Combined with Technological Excellence Yielding
Actionable Results

Opinauri offers the full suite of products and services that would be expected of a professional Market Research consultancy. The difference is the innovative approaches and methodologies employed to ensure progressive results. While Opinauri is blazing the trail with private panels and custom market research communities, these assets would be worthless without undertaking and executing the finest market research functions and services to compliment these panels and communities.

Opinauri recognizes that data is useless without interpretation and insights. Whether qualitative or quantitative, simple or multivariate, our market research teams will uncover the insights required to drive your business forward and ensure your company’s success. We pride ourselves on technological approaches to traditional processes and have engineered proprietary and patent-pending systems to garner the highest
quality results.

Most of our methods involve the collection of data via various interactive means often delivered over the Web. But, we remain true to our market research roots and we also employ more traditional face-to-face approaches that are sometimes more comfortable to the respondent and allow a good facilitator to pick up on the hidden and subtle forms of non-verbal communication.

Opinauri is helping to reengineer the world of Market Research in the 21st century. Join us and not only become a part of the market research future, but also, have a significant impact on
its design.

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