Highly Skilled People
+ Innovative Technology
+ Proprietary Methods
+ A Wealth of Experience
+ A Desire to Know More
= The Best Market Research Solution

The value of all good tools can only be extracted via the hands of a skilled user. Opinauri is comprised of "Skilled Users" in virtually all market research disciplines. Both management and all key personnel have years of experience on both sides of the market research desk -- clients and suppliers. The breadth of our collective experience delivers dividends for all Opinauri clients. In the end, it is the people that will make the difference. The commitment to excellence possessed by each Opinauri staff member is complete, and in a marketplace that has grown stale and uninspiring, very refreshing.

Technologies & Methods
Opinauri combines innovative, patent pending technologies with specialized methods to encourage participation from people you do not often hear from. We speak to the customer who is often too busy or too disinterested to complete a survey, but whose insight is critical in understanding the market place and its future direction. Our sophisticated panel management and community-building software is designed to reach the often unreachable, and to engage them in a mutually beneficial relationship built on trust and respect.

Experience & Desire
The people of Opinauri possess the years of experience needed to rest your mind and put you at ease, knowing that your market research is in the right hands. It is our experience that has opened our eyes to the need for a company like Opinauri. The state of public panel-based research has reached a point that concerns all market research professionals, and Opinauri is doing something about it. And this is where the "desire" comes in – we are pushing the envelop and developing new approaches that will help us all overcome the worn-out, over-sampled feedback from professional research respondents. Our desire to move market research forward starts with companies like Opinauri and clients like you.

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